Make a Sandwish

Brand: Jarlsberg Product: Cheese Live: October 2015


Tine, Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products, wanted to demonstrate the versatility of its renowned Jarlsberg cheese.

Food mashups is an on-going trend where many have become huge online topics. What would happen if we took classic dishes and turned them into super tasty sandwiches?

To help jumpstart ideas, three sandwishes were created and spread in social media together with New Zealand celebrity chef Ben Bayly: the Mac & Cheese Sandwish, the Gazpacho Soup Sandwish and, last but not least, the Wedding Cake Sandwish.

5000 foodies around the world submitted their most ”impossible” sandwich requests - nicknamed ”sandwishes” - where the top nine suggestions were recreated by Jarlsberg and one grand prize winner received their own beach vacation - a ”double sandwish” come true.


Wedding Cake Recipe Video

Gazpacho Soup Recipe Video

Mac & Cheese Recipe Video

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Make a Sandwish

Winning Sandwishes

The campaign received buzz and positive news coverage online