Casumo – (Erase Boredom)

client: Casumo live: October 2015


The online casino Casumo want to increase brand awareness and communicate their brand promise - Erase Boredom - in Finland. Due to industry regulations, Casumo cannot advertise directly to consumers in Finland through traditional channels.

To find out what Finns find most boring Casumo made a survey. And the result was discouraging. According to the Finns themselves, Finland is the most boring country. Staying true to their brand promise, Casumo want to do something about it.


Everyone needs to laugh. Therefore a site to feed fun content to Finns was created. (translated: To make the initiative famous, content that in different ways erased things Finns find the most boring (based on our survey) was created.

Example 1:Most boring Ice Cream flavor – Vanilla Ice cream

Trailer (in English)

In a video spread online and on we see legendary rapper Vanilla Ice calling Finland to promote Vanilla Ice cream to an audience of vanilla-hating Finns, taking desperate measures to persuade them that it’s the best flavour around.

Link to full film

Example 2: Most boring fruit – The Banana

Trailer (in English)

We made it our mission to boost the status of this misunderstood berry. A game, Epic Banana Flip, was created on We ”gathered” all Finland’s bananas together on one website and asked Finns to flip them all to smile.

Link to game