Magic Hour Pop-up Shops

client: Peak Performance live: March 2015


Peak Performance is an outdoor clothing brand founded in the north of Sweden. The love for the great outdoors has been their main inspiration since 1986. For the launch of the new SS15 collection, we wanted to challenge runners, cyclists, trekkers and golfers who share this love in a new and exciting way.

Case film


Pop-up stores, only accessible on your mobile, were opened in remote locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle east. For instance, on the highest peak of Europe, in the Finnish archipelago, by a lake in the French alps and the green of the 8th hole at the Emirates golf club in Dubai.

The stores were only open during Magic Hour, the hours each day at sunrise and sunset where the selected locations look the most stunning. The most dedicated lovers of the great outdoors could then access the stores on their mobile and get free samples from the new collection.

Demo link:

Magic Hour Pop-up Shops – Demo

Key visuals

A few of the magic hour shoppers at actual shop locations

Buzz about the shops led to positive news coverage online